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Childrens Books research. 2012

I’m now on Neg 2 and these are the Children Books I’ve currently got with me from the libery, I shall get my hands on more in the future.¬† ūüôā

Bill Beetle. By Mick Inkpen

I love you so much. By Carl Norac. Illustrated by Claude K. Dubois.

Joe’s Cafe’. By¬†Rose Impey. Illustrated by Sue Porter.

Mary Mary. By Sarah Hayes. Illustrated by Helen Craig.

Bear. By Mick Inkpen 

When I Grow Bigger. By Trish Cooke. Illustrated by John Bendall-Brunello.

A Letter to Father Christmas. By Rose Impey. Illustrated by Sue Porter.

The Trouble with Uncle. By Babette Cole

Prince Cinders. By Babette Cole 

A Cat’s Tale. By Rikki Cate. Illustrated by Shirley Hughes.

(i had to scan in my libery book cos I could not find this cover on the internet, I’m probably not looking in the right places, oh well. ) ūüėÄ


Just a list of more childrens books I’ve picked and and looked at in order to get inspired by the art in them. Looked these up while doing my neg 1.

Pi-Po! Peek a boo! Is that you? By Eleanor Taylor

I Think I Am Going To Sneeze. A First Look At Allergies. By Pat Thomas

The Snail House. By Allan Ahlberg. Illustrated by Gillian Tyler

The Grumpalump. By Sarah Hayes. Illustrated by Barbara Firth

Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency. By Cressioa Cowell. Illustrated by Neal Layton.

Second best. By Jane Eagland. Illustrated by Terry Milne.

Birdsong. By Ellie Sandall.

Monkey and Me. By Emily Gravett.

True Love. By Babette Cole.

Heaven. By Nicholas Allan.

Bunny and Bee’s¬†Rainbow Colours. By Sam Melling.

Just Like My Dad. By David Melling.

Mog the Forgetful Cat. By Judith Kerr.

Stella. Fairy of the Forest. By Marie-Louise Gay.

Wolves. By Emily Gravett.

Percy The Park Keeper. The Lost Acorns. By Nick Butterworth

Little Kippers. Miaow! By Mick Inkpen

Alfie Gets in First. By Shirley Hughes.

Olly and Me. Let’s Join In. By Shirley Hughes.

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Leacture 13. Working with Recruitment Agencies/ Marketing yourself.

Leacture done by Ian Roe. This was the most interesting and helpful leacture of the day. Told us about good CV’s, about the do’s and don’ts of interviews, a list of the common questions asked in an interview, your appearance, and so on. I did pages of notes from that leacture, very handy indeed.

Leacture 14. Artist, sculptor and film maker.

The guy doing this leacture, Huw Davis, seemed a right laugh. He told us what he does, told us about his personal stories about taking photo’s of a hare he saw on his birthday, and stories about a haunted house he lived in. I didn’t learn anything from this leacture really, but it was amusing.

Leacture 15. Bringing your business and creativity together.

Leacture done by Joanna Kinch. The title of that leacture sounds interesting, but it wasn’t really. Only thing¬†I picked up from it really which I knew anyway was if you’re starting up a business and trying to think up a name for it, make damn sure no other business has the same name. Do your research on that, cos if your making money and a older business has the same name, you’d be in alot of trouble. Also when your starting out, you don’t need a huge portfolio at first, put your best work in. She gave us a game to play midway through, were she gave us the words Danger, Spaghetti, Kitten, Torture and Secound. We had to make a link to two of any of the words. Only bit that was fun really, I just put the word Spaghetti and Kitten together, in my head there could be a kitten called Spaghetti, cos people give their cats weird names, I’m no better.

Leacture 16. Post graduate study options.

It mentioned the Jobshop here that helps you on your way to finding work (i think). Also mentioned that if u do a masters degree you have a way better chance of getting a job, well thats joyful to know (not). I don’t think I’m gonna linger around and do post graduate, but I only went because I wanted to know what it involves. Well it’s not really floating my boat.

Leacture 9. Getting Work Experience.

The person chatting in this leacture was Lucy Jones. I was going to go to another leacture, but I’m glad I went to this one. Because I have huge worries that I won’t find work after Uni, but¬†this mentioned about what work experience thingy bobs that uni can help with. It mentioned about payed work experience, work testers, a graduate placement all year round, improve your CV, improve chances of emploment and so on. Theres a thing called graduate academy and a freelance academys. The majority of the info is on here

In the leacture it mentioned a foreign exchange students program. The woman who works for that was telling us about costs of that and other bits and bobs, her name was Jane Trudgill. It was about working abroad. People from outside the EU can’t apply.

Leacture 10. Producing a CV for the Creative Media Industries. 

Sue Jeffries did this leacture. This one was about making yourself a good cv, we were shown different examples of cv’s, and we had to work out which one had the best layout. Cv’s have got to get attention quickly, a boring cv would be ignored. Do not lie on your cv (knew that anyways). Your cv should change depending who you are sending it to, include your age in the cv (apparently not everyone does). What I found interesting¬†was that she said that if you have a driving’s licence, then mention it on the cv. If you’ve got a a website, only include it into your cv if it’s complete and not still under construction.

Theres lots more things i noted from that leacture but i’m not gonna put everything here. It was a good leacture anyways.

Leacture 11. Making a living with words and picture and getting published! (Childrens books)

A  woman called Daisy Dawes did this leacture, she has a childrens book out. Right at the end she read the story to us, I really enjoyed it, very charming, and a little bit twisted.

She worked for Aardman animations, also worked for the first Harry Potter film, putting in the windows of Hogwarts she said. She also worked on Pingu. She gave us tips on work and so on, also told us that being freelance pays better then an employed.

Leacture 12. Motivating yourself to get what you realy want.

Denise Chilton did this leacture. I went to this one because¬†I don’t feel motivated at the moment, was a somewhat odd leacture, didn’t feel that much more motivated in the end, still abit entertaing though. It was about overcoming barriers,knowing yourself, setting yourself goals, never give up on your dream, and what would you want to change about yourself. Pretty much sums it up.