I’ve done a little bit of research for me Dissertation Proposal, which is on Dreams and I have yet to write. It takes me forever to read so these are the only books i planned to look at for the time being. Very good books indeed.

New Perspectives. Dreams. An Introductory Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of your Dream life. = David Fontana

This is a really good book to look at if you want to read up on dreams.

Dreaming. An Introduction to the Science of Sleep = J.Allan Hobson.

I only read the chapters I needed to, I didn’t read the whole book because sometimes it used bigger words that my simple mind couldn’t handle.  Didn’t find it as easy to read as the other two books, still helpful though.

Dreams and Nightmares. = Dr Jennifer Parker


My most fav book out of the 3 I looked at. Worth a read if you’re looking into dreams.