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My collection of Childrens Books

These are the Childrens books that I actually own, ones I don’t have to return to the libery later. ūüėÄ I totally forgot to blog them before, so here’s the list.

Our Cat Flossie. By Ruth Brown 

Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets. By Jeanne Willis. Illustrated by Tony Ross.

Ginger. By Charlotte Voake

Enid Blyton’s Santa’s Workshop. Illustrated by Sue Pearson.

The Tabitha Stories. By A.N. Wilson. Illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies.

Tales From Wrescal Lane. By Mick Foley. Illustrated by Jill Thompson. #

Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide To The Fantastical World Around¬†You. By H. Black and T.DiTerlizzi.

(The best book in my collection, EVER)

The Tooth Fairy. By Shirley Barber.

My childhood favourite which is still in my possession.


I’m now on Neg 2 and these are the Children Books I’ve currently got with me from the libery, I shall get my hands on more in the future.¬† ūüôā

Bill Beetle. By Mick Inkpen

I love you so much. By Carl Norac. Illustrated by Claude K. Dubois.

Joe’s Cafe’. By¬†Rose Impey. Illustrated by Sue Porter.

Mary Mary. By Sarah Hayes. Illustrated by Helen Craig.

Bear. By Mick Inkpen 

When I Grow Bigger. By Trish Cooke. Illustrated by John Bendall-Brunello.

A Letter to Father Christmas. By Rose Impey. Illustrated by Sue Porter.

The Trouble with Uncle. By Babette Cole

Prince Cinders. By Babette Cole 

A Cat’s Tale. By Rikki Cate. Illustrated by Shirley Hughes.

(i had to scan in my libery book cos I could not find this cover on the internet, I’m probably not looking in the right places, oh well. ) ūüėÄ

Just a list of more childrens books I’ve picked and and looked at in order to get inspired by the art in them. Looked these up while doing my neg 1.

Pi-Po! Peek a boo! Is that you? By Eleanor Taylor

I Think I Am Going To Sneeze. A First Look At Allergies. By Pat Thomas

The Snail House. By Allan Ahlberg. Illustrated by Gillian Tyler

The Grumpalump. By Sarah Hayes. Illustrated by Barbara Firth

Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency. By Cressioa Cowell. Illustrated by Neal Layton.

Second best. By Jane Eagland. Illustrated by Terry Milne.

Birdsong. By Ellie Sandall.

Monkey and Me. By Emily Gravett.

True Love. By Babette Cole.

Heaven. By Nicholas Allan.

Bunny and Bee’s¬†Rainbow Colours. By Sam Melling.

Just Like My Dad. By David Melling.

Mog the Forgetful Cat. By Judith Kerr.

Stella. Fairy of the Forest. By Marie-Louise Gay.

Wolves. By Emily Gravett.

Percy The Park Keeper. The Lost Acorns. By Nick Butterworth

Little Kippers. Miaow! By Mick Inkpen

Alfie Gets in First. By Shirley Hughes.

Olly and Me. Let’s Join In. By Shirley Hughes.

Board Books (part 2)

Same as before, only this time I found these books at my uni libery today.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.= Dr. Seuss. Harper Collins Children’s Books publisher.

I don’t want to go to bed! = Julie Sykes, illustrated by Tim Warnes. Little Tiger Press.

Time. = Jan Pienkowski.

Say Goodnight. = Helen Oxenbury. Walker books.

Now the books below are not board books, but i thought they were nice anyways.


Let’s have a Picnic! = Richard Fowler. Published by William Collins Sons & Co Ltd.

This above is a concertina book.

Mrs Cockle’s Cat. = Philippa Pearce, illustrated by Antony Maitland. Kestrel Books.

Book with nice illustrations in it, some black and white and some in colour.


One project I have at the moment is on board books for prechool-ers. So¬†these are the books I’ve found so far,¬†found these at my local libery.¬†I just got hold of nice looking board books, wasn’t really looking at the age they were for, but they all seem to be aimed at really younger kids anyways.

Hello, little bird. = Petr Horacek. Walker Books.

Is this my nose? = illustrated by Georgie Birkett. Published by Red Fox.

Peep-through books LAMB. This is a photo i took of it, can’t find an image of the book on the internet. It had next to no publishing info on it, and not much of a title sadly enough. But it’s the content that counts.

I touch. = Helen Oxenbury. Walker Books.

Thats not my bunny… = F.Watt, R.Wells. Usborn Publishing. This book has different textures to it, like fluffy tails and so on.

A slide and surprise Colours book. = Designed by Bethany Perkins, written by Hermione Edwards. Piddy Books.

Ginger. = Charlatte Voake. Walker Books.¬† I fell in love with this book, just love the illustrations in it.¬† ‚̧

Mr Bear says lets go outside. = Debi Gliori. Orchard Books.

Hey Diddle Diddle! = Illustrated by Annie Kubler. Child’s Play.

Learn-a-word book Colours. Lorenz Books.

Who made… at the Zoo? = Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. Collins Publishers.¬†¬†¬†

Nice illustrations in this book, but what annoyed me about it is that it says that God made all the animals. As if religion wasn’t brainwashing kids enough as it is.

Woolly’s Walk. = Illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. Usborn publishers.

More childrens books.

I have looked at some more childrens books with lovely illusrtations in them. These are the Books.



Melangell. Eiry Palfrey and Graham Howells. I LOVE the illustrations in this books, by far my most favorite out of other childrens books I’ve seen. Only problem is, this is all in welsh, and despite the fact that I am Welsh, I can’t read or speak the language. lol.

There's a Spider in the Bath.

There's a Spider in the Bath

There’s a Spider in the Bath!¬† Neil Griffiths, illustrated by Peggy Collins. I’m not sure what this was done in, what paint or paper the illustrator used. The outlines are white, looks like it has been drawn with a blunt object before the paint dried. That’s just a guess anyways. In one section of the book it is a pop-out book, which is a nice touch.

Daisy to the Rescue

Daisy to the Rescue. Jane Simmons. Lovely iamges in this, I especially the colours. I like that you can see the brush strokes in this, and how it appears textured on the paper. Not sure if she used ruff paper, or that she applied the paint quite dryly. All in all the images are charming. =)

At the edge of the Forest

At the edge of the Forest. Jonathan London, illustrated by Barbara Firth. The outlines are done in pencil and it appears that it is coloured with watercolour paints. Haven’t worked out how the falling snow is done, maybe a thicker white paint flicked on top? I picked this¬†up cos I’m to used to seeing smooth outlines, not ones done in pencil. Nice illustrations in this, it was worth picking it up.

Pinocchio the boy

Pinocchio the Boy. Lane Smith. I do see some collage in this, but apart from that I can’t tell how the images were done. Very nice detailed and colourful images in this. Follows the story of Pinocchio after he turned into a real boy, only in this he hasen’t realied he’s changed yet. Nice little take to the story.

These are just some more books i skimmed through while looking at illustrations.

Childrens Books

To look at the artwork I’ve been looking at a few Childrens books, to help with my illustrations and such.¬†¬†So these are the ones i looked at. I’ve noticed that i tend to mostly¬†go for books that use watercolours in the illustration, i do try moving away from that though, but fail.

Cat and Kit= Jenny Koralek, illustrated by Patricia Maccarthy

The Garden Shed= Charles Keeping

What's Alice Up To? = Harley Jessup

Tick-Tock= Eileen Browne, illustrated by David Parkins

I loved the artwork in Tick-Tock, just thought I’d mention that. =)

Feather Pillows= Rose Impey & Robin Bell Corfield

Minas and the Fish = Olga Pastuchiv

Penguin Pete, Ahoy! = Marcus Pfister

Nothing = Milk Inkpen

Oi! Get off our train. = John Burningham

Oliver's Fruit Salad= Vivian French, illustrated by Alison Bartlett

Meredith the witch who wasn't. =Dorothea Lachner, illustrated by Chista Unzner

Monsieur Thermidor. A fantastic fishy tale = Richard and Lindsey Kidd.

One of my current favorite illustrators is Tony DiTerlizzi, who illustrated and co-created the “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. I just thought i mention him cos when i read those books years ago i just fell in love with the artwork. The first essay i wrote in uni was about his work but i can’t be bothered to repeat what i said in it, but he’s another person that has inspired me.

Research, animal poem.

Research i did to help towards the project, “Animal Poem”.

The Crazy World Of Cats= Bill Stott.  A funny little book showing the cats prospective of its daily life and such in a comical way. I know its not a poem book but I like the artwork in it, i like the scratchy/ wobbly lines.I think the characters on the cover were done in watercolour and dip pen and ink, thats probably not the case but thats how it appears to me.

Animals of the world, Predators=The Leisure Circle. This has a number of predators listed in this book with nice clear photos to go with the animal. It doen’t have all the predators in the world though, but it had the ones i was looking for so it doesn’t bother me to much. (Large cats by the way)

The Handbook of Cat breeds=Maria Costantino. It has the different cat breeds with photo’s of the cats, which is nice since in some cat books I’ve read they give you the name of the breed, but no photo to go with it so it’s hard to know which cat is which. This tells of¬†the history of¬†cats,¬†fur colour and pattern and just info on the cat.

The Encyclopedia of the Cat=Michael Pollard. This is a brilliant book that tells you everything you wanted or need to know about cats. it covers their behavior, how to look after them depending on the need of the breed, their relationship with us, the actual cat breeds, cat facts and more. I would recommend this book to all cat lovers.

Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes. I looked at this mainly for the illustration, but I couldn’t help but read the whole book again, its only a thin book and Roald Dahl’s take on famous stories is hilarious. He sums them up in around 3 pages each and makes them sicker then the originals, at least one character dies in each story. Not that i mind since its all funny.

Little Wolf’s Handy Book of Peoms =Ian Whybrow, illustrated by Tony Ross. In this childrens book, the main character ‘Little Wolf’ is writing poems for his parents to try getting them into poems, since they are not keen. I picked this up to look at the illustration, but i couldn’t help but read a bit of it. I’m ashamed but I found this quite amusing, especially the wolfs versions of classic childrens songs like Old Macdonald and such. (How old am I?) lol

Animal Poems = Compiled by  Jennifer Curry, illustrated by Anthony Lewis. A nice small book full of really short animal poems with an illustration to go with each one, each oem written by someone different.

A internet collection. A childrens animal poems website i come across . More animal poems

Saw this piece on the internet and i really liked it, i don’t know why but i think its really sweet. I like the fact the sea is also green and you can see the creatures in it. And the fact that the Owl and Pussy Cat are dressed.

Does anyone else remember the Percy The Park Keeper books? I rememer them from back when i was little (now that WAS years ago) and saw them again in the libery. Brings back memories, not that i read them, couldn’t read back then, lol. Still liked the artwork on it though.

Follow that bear, if you dare! I never actally picked this up, my sister did. But i was looking over her shoulder as she read it and i just loved the artwork in this to, the fur and grass and everything textures, its painted but i’m not sure what with, Acrylic maybe? I’ll have to try and hunt that book down again so i can get a better look at it.

American Mcgee’s Alice. (Shut up! This counts as research!) I’ve never played this but i’ve watched the walkthrough, which is good enough. I loved the dark, gory gothic take on Alice in Wonderland. All the landscape is strangly beautiful despite the fact horribly dark and disfigured creatures roam amongst it. I’m inspired by it and might try out the gothic look in some of my art.