Notes taken from when I was at the Creative Futures lectures.

(Sorry I took forever to get round to doing this, this will be shorter cos I was spending to much time writing these)

Day 4: March 8th.

Lecture 1= Post Graduate Study. Steve Keegan/ Andrea Hilditch

This lecture was about post-graduate study. Not much to say here really, I took notes on what sites to look up and small bits of info that might help me if I wanted to carry on and do masters, which i did consider, but I don’t think I would be ready to do so.

Lecture 2= The Chip Shop Story. Andy Cheetham.

The title of this lecture interested me, i had no clue what to expect so i decided to go along to it to find out. Andy tells us that this is a story that has never been told. Andy  graduated in 1986. He got a job in  advertising, but because of multiple downturns he kept getting made redundant. He eventually had 5 years work experience. He decided to get a reputation.

“If no agency will employ me I’ll start my own” he said to himself at 25, because he wasn’t finding a job. Get involved with people, creativity is collaboration. His mum owned Barnacles Fish and Chip shop at the time, he started doing posters for it like the ones below


His posters won awards, he won 12 Roses awards and others. He also did a poster to go on buses. They were simple ads but the goal was also to keep them entertaining. Many didn’t like the fact he was winning all these awards, apparent uproar. Because of the amounts of awards he was getting for his Barnacles posters, any ad for a small brand started to become a ‘Chip Shop ad’. One year later no more Barnacles ads were allowed to be submitted to the awards because of the amounts of complaints from the other creative contestants. 20 years later, people didn’t know why ads for small businesses are called ‘Chip Shop ads’ because of him.

ChipShop Awards. He takes no part in this.

His site!/andycheetham his company, 1992-2012. His company is one of the top UK agencies outside London. He’s part of the JWT world-wide creative council. He’s won 300 plus awards.

He wanted to become a sailor years ago, but professional sailors didn’t buy their own boats back then. Eventually after he became succesful 20 years later, he bought a boat, fulfilling the dream. But he later sold it.

Things have changed now from back then when he started. The worlds become digital now, there wasn’t digital cameras or internet back then. Things are easier and cheaper to make now then ever. People still love great ideas. He looks for people with drive, creative people with determination. If you entre awards, entre your absolute best, because only the best wins, always play to win. If you see a fault in your work, the creative director will to. Edit the hell out of your work untill you deem it perfect.

Lecture 3= A Career in Children’s Illustration. Helen Papworth.

She’s an ex student here from 6 years ago. She is not a published illustrator of this country. Her influences are Arther Rackham and Shaun Tan. A site that was mentioned that you could put your work on is , I will keep in mind to check that out more often in future.

When a 2nd year student she did ‘Study of influences of Ethiopia illustrations in books’. She kept going back to Ethiopia, eventually realising she was more interested in the research then the illustrations. She gathered many photo’s. She liked writing and illustrating for the Ethiopian children. She did a book “Back in Time” about a phone which can take these two children back in time, and they went back in time in Ethiopia. Isn’t an actual held book but a kindal book.

Another book she is either working on or has already worked on that has something to do with donkeys (my notes weren’t totally clear, i wrote to quickly) is or will be an actual published book. Apparently Ethiopia is full of donkeys. She see’s her career more on researching illustrations for books for Ethiopia. She found it hard to create children’s books for Ethiopia, she sent them to the Ethiopia publishers, but they kept rejecting her because she didn’t know enough about Ethiopia. The future is electronic. You’ll find there are now more opportunities to publish work in electronic form, E Books for example.

What I got out of that lecture really was that she loves going to Ethiopia, while her husband hates it, yet he loves sailing and she hates it. So instead of forcing each other to go to their fav places, she lets him go off sailing instead of forcing him to come with her, and vice versa. 😀

Lecture 4 = Going in to Business as a Young Entrepreneur. Charli Dickenson

She went to Swansea uni and graduated in 2010. The most important point about starting your own business is actually having an idea, a strong one. The important thing to consider, is will your idea get customers? Also research if your idea has been done before, look out for the competition. If there isn’t then look up why there is not. Where is your potential customers? You have to pay attention to your research. What do you need to spend money on? What is going to cost you to start your business. How much money would you need? The cost of the products, material cost. Working out what you need to do to make your idea into reality. Where is your audience? For certain aspects that are relevent to your potential business, find your potential audience. you’ve got to go where they are. Is there enough of them. There is a certain amount of the audience that will potentially buy, only a small portion actually will.  The marketing, you’ve got to start researching tem. Think of it as an investment to your business, you have to do it or no one will know about your business. She recommends having your own business cards. People prefer thicker business cards. The finance bit is the most awkward, but the most important. Price your product. Whatever price you need to sell your product so you don’t lose money, charge extra on top for benefit. You need money to make the thing before you earn money. It is hard work, but in the end it is rewarding. It’s important to not feel to down if your business fails, not all work out at first.