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My collection of Childrens Books

These are the Childrens books that I actually own, ones I don’t have to return to the libery later. 😀 I totally forgot to blog them before, so here’s the list.

Our Cat Flossie. By Ruth Brown 

Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets. By Jeanne Willis. Illustrated by Tony Ross.

Ginger. By Charlotte Voake

Enid Blyton’s Santa’s Workshop. Illustrated by Sue Pearson.

The Tabitha Stories. By A.N. Wilson. Illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies.

Tales From Wrescal Lane. By Mick Foley. Illustrated by Jill Thompson. #

Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide To The Fantastical World Around You. By H. Black and T.DiTerlizzi.

(The best book in my collection, EVER)

The Tooth Fairy. By Shirley Barber.

My childhood favourite which is still in my possession.

I’m now on Neg 2 and these are the Children Books I’ve currently got with me from the libery, I shall get my hands on more in the future.  🙂

Bill Beetle. By Mick Inkpen

I love you so much. By Carl Norac. Illustrated by Claude K. Dubois.

Joe’s Cafe’. By Rose Impey. Illustrated by Sue Porter.

Mary Mary. By Sarah Hayes. Illustrated by Helen Craig.

Bear. By Mick Inkpen 

When I Grow Bigger. By Trish Cooke. Illustrated by John Bendall-Brunello.

A Letter to Father Christmas. By Rose Impey. Illustrated by Sue Porter.

The Trouble with Uncle. By Babette Cole

Prince Cinders. By Babette Cole 

A Cat’s Tale. By Rikki Cate. Illustrated by Shirley Hughes.

(i had to scan in my libery book cos I could not find this cover on the internet, I’m probably not looking in the right places, oh well. ) 😀

Just a list of more childrens books I’ve picked and and looked at in order to get inspired by the art in them. Looked these up while doing my neg 1.

Pi-Po! Peek a boo! Is that you? By Eleanor Taylor

I Think I Am Going To Sneeze. A First Look At Allergies. By Pat Thomas

The Snail House. By Allan Ahlberg. Illustrated by Gillian Tyler

The Grumpalump. By Sarah Hayes. Illustrated by Barbara Firth

Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency. By Cressioa Cowell. Illustrated by Neal Layton.

Second best. By Jane Eagland. Illustrated by Terry Milne.

Birdsong. By Ellie Sandall.

Monkey and Me. By Emily Gravett.

True Love. By Babette Cole.

Heaven. By Nicholas Allan.

Bunny and Bee’s Rainbow Colours. By Sam Melling.

Just Like My Dad. By David Melling.

Mog the Forgetful Cat. By Judith Kerr.

Stella. Fairy of the Forest. By Marie-Louise Gay.

Wolves. By Emily Gravett.

Percy The Park Keeper. The Lost Acorns. By Nick Butterworth

Little Kippers. Miaow! By Mick Inkpen

Alfie Gets in First. By Shirley Hughes.

Olly and Me. Let’s Join In. By Shirley Hughes.